it only took us five years…

… to visit the Diercks in Minnesota!

When Emily and Dan (our besties in Ohio) announced they’d decided to make the trek to MN to visit Jen and Dave (our other besties from Ohio, who moved away shortly after we did), we decided we needed to join in the fun, too!  (Actually, I basically TOLD Andrew we were going, and that was that.  It just would not have been the same!)

We booked airfare for the first weekend in October and started counting the days until we would see our friends.

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Penn State Reunion

This past weekend, Andrew and I were able to sneak in a quick visit to some of our college friends on our way into Philly to see Abigail and Marvin. We got up super early and drove through snow (?!?!?) so we could spend a couple hours with Leslie, Kim and Wendy (and their families) before starting the weekend with Andrew’s sister. (Leslie and Wendy were both in our wedding, and Kim was a friend who was also in Campus Crusade for Christ, where we met.) Leslie offered to host, as she and her husband, Christian, just bought a house in Pottstown and we were all dying to see it.

img_3105After a quick lunch of sandwiches, salad and some of my no-added-sugar goodies, the kids got right down to playing!  Between the three couples, there are a total of TEN children, two of whom weren’t with us because of school.









The girls caught up around the table (below left, L – R: Wendy, Leslie, Kim), while the boys chatted in the living room (below right).  Leslie’s twins (on table) are just over a year old and cute as buttons.  They INHALED my banana oat cookies.

Andrew and Christian are both engineers, and Gary (Wendy’s husband, not pictured) is an orthopedic surgeon. Kim’s husband, Ross, wasn’t able to make the trip due to a speaking engagement that evening; they’ve been working with Campus Crusade for Christ since we graduated in 2005.







The kids ran all over the house like wild banshees, although the highlight was definitely the GIANT beanbag in one of the twins’ rooms. The boys tossed the kiddos onto the bag one by one and only heard shrieks of delight.  Sadly, we were only able to stay a few hours before we had to hit the road again to continue our trip and make it to Marvin and Abigail’s house for dinner!