play time (or, THP: Chapter Five)

Yet again, Gretchen strikes a chord with me when she says, “I prepared to work doggedly  at fun and to be serious about joking around.”  I have to actually WORK at having ‘fun,’ and ‘joking around’ doesn’t even sound like much fun to me at all.  Sometimes, I’m a regular old stick in the mud.   Continue reading “play time (or, THP: Chapter Five)”

let it go (or, TPH: Chapter Four)

Gretchen’s fourth task was ‘lightening up’ her parenting approach.  Even though I’m not a parent, I knew I could use some of her advice.  (Everyone who knows me is emphatically shaking their heads in agreement.) Continue reading “let it go (or, TPH: Chapter Four)”

work work work (or, THP: Chapter Three)

After boosting her energy and loving better, Gretchen addressed the topic of work.  She had recently gone through a change in career that made her more happy, so she had to find other ways to increase her happiness in her current state.  She did so by challenging herself (creating a blog), enjoying the fun of failure, asking for help (she formed a small ‘writers’ group), working smart (by being more efficient with her time) and enjoying ‘now.’

It’s interesting that I’m writing about work at a time in which I’m unemployed.   Continue reading “work work work (or, THP: Chapter Three)”