a list

…because, yet again, it’s that kind of week.

1.  I should be studying Micro or starting my Chem homework, but my brain is going a million miles a minute.  And it’s only 5:31 a.m.

2. The trouble is, those things (see above) take TIME.  Like, more than an hour.  If I don’t have more than an hour, I feel like I can’t start them.  So I do other things, like blog.  Hey, they all gotta get done!

3.  I have my first swim practice today.  Did I tell you I joined the Master’s team at the Y?  I can’t remember…  It’s been making me anxious.  The old Holly would be sweating bullets by now, worried to death she wouldn’t be able to hack it.  The new and improved, best-shape-of-her-life, more mature and self-confident Holly is only the slightest bit anxious (hey, I’m still me) but realizes it might be a rude awakening in the pool, and maybe it won’t be.  Either way, I’ll get through.

4.  I have a Micro test tomorrow morning.  I am not prepared.  The teacher is kind enough to allow us to take it with any of her sections throughout the day, the last being at 5 p.m.  Seeing as I have her lab directly before the 5 p.m. lecture, (my real section is 10 a.m.), I just might take her up on it.  I hate doing that, but I just might need the extra study time.

5.  I have my second Chem quiz this weekend.

6.  We’re going out of town this week–as in, leaving Thursday night.  We’re going to Gore, which is in the Adirondacks, for skiing.  Well, I don’t think I’ll be skiing.  I just want to get away with my school books and magazines and not be on a schedule and just ready and study and bake.  Repeat.

7.  Did I mention we’ll be in a cabin with a bunch of other people with no internet and that I have a Chem quiz to do ONLINE?  Just a little stressed about this…

8.  My next chapter of Chem homework is due Friday, but since I’m leaving Thursday (see #6 above), I have to finish it before.  I haven’t started yet.  Did I mention the last homework took something in the ballpark of 6+ hours?

9.  I’ve been fighting a cold now for a week and a half.  Go away already!  My poor, red nose can’t take any more!

10.  In an email recently to a friend I confessed that if I didn’t love school (and the thought of being an RD) THIS MUCH, I would quit in a heartbeat because the schedule (with only 12.5 credits and a 10-minute commute!) right now is insane.  This must be what having children is like…

Say an extra prayer for me this week!

moog bash & breakfast

Here we are, at the Moog MId-Winter Bash.  I had SUCH FUN getting dressed up and socializing with Andrew’s co-workers.

I even got my hair done!  My hair hasn’t been long enough for an updo in AGES (if ever, really), so I was excited to get a french twist for the occasion.  Doesn’t it look awesome?  Like I actually HAVE hair?

Can you believe just a few hours earlier it looked like this??!?!  She had to tease the heck out of it in order to get it to stay.

I don’t have any other photos of the bash, unfortunately.  It was really neat–TONS of food, multiple bands in different conference rooms of the hotel, as well as a couple comedy shows, too–but it was a little chaotic, too.  There were people everywhere; it was a wonder we ever ran into anyone Andrew knew.

Side note: Interestingly enough, we actually bumped into the company CEO!  I has interviewed him earlier in the week for a human interest piece for the Advertiser, so it was actually really neat to see him again and chat for a moment or two.  And introduce Andrew to him–certainly can’t hurt his career;)

We stayed the night at the hotel (it’s so nice to get away sometimes), so of course we were excited to come up with a place to eat breakfast the next morning.  The Lake Effect Diner is one we’d been meaning to try–it’s one of the places in Buffalo featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives–and we weren’t disappointed.

It’s in a silver train car and it was standing-room only for a few minutes while we waiting for some spots at the counter.

“Guy Ate Here” emblazoned on the wall and a made-fresh OJ machine.

I don’t think we look too worse for the wear after our (relatively tame–we are old and married, after all) night of partying.  Note Andrew’s teal shirt and the teal stripes on my cardigan–we didn’t plan it, I swear, but I had to take a photo.

Here’s a shout-out to my dear friend, Emily, who gifted me with this purse hook for Christmas.  I don’t use it often (I prefer to use an empty chair next to me), but it was a life-saver this morning.

I was only somewhat indecisive this morning; as usual I wanted to try a little of everything, so I opted for an omelet and added a pancake.  I chose the banana and candied pistachio pancake (I mean, where can you get that combo?) and the Greek omelet.

It even had chicken souvlaki, the leftovers of which I used to top my salad tonight.  Home fries were pretty good, too.

The Lake Effect Diner is known for their smoked meats, so we had to try a couple varieties.  I chose the ham, since Andrew opted for the bacon.

Andrew had plain pancakes…

…as well as my toast and a side of bacon.

Like a good little healthy eater, I halved all my food (except the pancake) and loaded up a to-go box right way.  The box got even more full before I was finished–pancakes don’t keep well, so I opted to finish that instead of the rest.  It was SO MUCH FOOD.

Check out my two additional breakfasts, happily sitting in the fridge 🙂