Reducing Added Sugar Difficult but Necessary

‘Added sugars’ has become a household phrase these days, and its even on the new nutrition label. The term ‘added sugar’ refers to sugars added to the product that aren’t naturally occurring; for example, yogurt has both added sugars (from fruit juice, fruit or other flavorings) and the sugar that is found naturally in milk (called lactose). Basically, ‘added sugars’ are those we consume in addition to the sugars found in milk, cheese, grains, fruits and vegetables. It’s recommended that added sugars make up less than 10% of our overall energy intake per day for those aged 2-19, and that those under 2 years of age consume none. Continue reading “Reducing Added Sugar Difficult but Necessary”

front-yard fourth

Our town really knows how to celebrate the 4th of July…except that we do it on the 3rd. It’s perfect, really, because you get to party and then actually RELAX and enjoy the holiday.  We live directly across from the park, so we have a front-row seat for the parade and fireworks display. Continue reading “front-yard fourth”