Christmas Eve highlights

More than 100 cards were mailed…


Blueberry donuts with Christmas sprinkles were made…


Errands were run by both sexes, separately, followed by some downtime at home before the table was set…


Champagne and sparkling cider were poured…


Dinner was enjoyed…



Then we were off to church, where we got to see the Layers, before heading home again for our Christmas Eve ritual:

Reading Luke…


And opening new jammies and having happy birthday Jesus cake. Hadrian even found a present under the tree!


So, we let him have it. He has another one we had to hide to keep away from him, too!


Josh, Hadrian and I are up and waiting to put our breakfast casserole and monkey bread in the oven until more people are up.

Merry Christmas everyone!

three in a row…

Grades are IN!

Guess who got all A’s?


Yours’ truly!

Man, I tell you what, it did not feel like I was going to get all A’s during the semester. Not one bit. I felt like I was drowning from start to finish. Of course, a lot of that had to do with the house and not having a good routine set up before school started.

This makes three semesters with a 4.0 and if you know me at all, once I’m on a roll, I don’t want to stop. Not only do I want to continue getting good grades, obviously, but there is something about them matching… I had a fit last year when I got a 98 after a string of 100’s on my anatomy quizzes… It’s my OCPD coming out.

Anyway, so there they are. No more waiting and checking the computer. And how fitting–Abigail and I are going out this afternoon to celebrate the completion of our semesters!

AND it’s snowing! Can the day get any better?

finally finished

For this semester, at least. Only five more to go…

Look! I’m sitting in the couch!!!


Unfortunately, it wasn’t instant relief this morning when our class finished our presentations this morning around 9:30. It was rather anti-climactic; my hardest days were already past me and this morning’s three-minute shpiel in French food during my group’s cultural presentation in my 100 class just seemed silly. I put more thought into my outfit than I to what I was going to say! (Please don’t think I treat my others classes with such glib; it’s just that all my other classes are so much harder…)
Anyway, about my outfit… Because of the public speaking, I had to dress up this morning. (I had to yesterday for the 200 presentation, which went well, except for after when our professor basically told us we missed the point and listed all the things we DIDN’T include in our presentation. Sigh. At least she let us finish our PowerPoint; I heard she totally interrupted another group and then there’s the infamous story about the group she yelled at and wouldn’t let finish last year… Oh, and its not like its possible to include EVERYTHING on a topic…not in 15 minutes with a group of 7 people. But I digress.)

Anyway, I dressed up yesterday. Black skirt. Black boots. Gray cardigan.

Well, today I wanted a little more color:


Was it too much teal? I totally think it worked. (Andrew was a little doubtful last night when I showed him the outfit, but he warmed up to it this morning before I left at the crack of dawn.)
I’d been dying to wear my flowy skirt with black tights for awhile and now was my perfect opportunity! I was going for the monochromatic look; my eye makeup was even teal!

Andrew and I met for my customary post-finals lunch, this time at a local Greek place, where I had my customary post-finals adult beverage, this time a Chardonnay. (Last year at this time I had a spiked eggnog!)

I spent the morning after my presentation running errands, and my afternoon after lunch with Mrs. Nye, chatting in her kitchen.

You’d think I’d have some elaborate dinner planned. I don’t; I’m reheating frozen soup:


That is, however, homemade pumpkin granola cooling on the counter. I think Andrew and I might spend the evening in watching our latest Netflix movie, although there was talk of going for ice cream to celebrate…

I should; my diet starts tomorrow!! Seriously, I can’t wait to get back into a normal routine and start tackling some cleaning and house projects around here!