Holly runs on Dunkin’

Yes she does.


My friend Stephanie–classmate, running and study partner–and I met up at our usual hangout this afternoon for the first study session of the semester. What you see is my super-smart lunch…or not. What this post should REALLY say is, “Holly runs on Dunkin’… Until she doesn’t.” An hour and a half later, I was in a sugar coma and craving vegetables in a bad way. I’m not normally a Subway fan, but at 3:30 and facing a Target run, I needed something.

But, I digress. Poor snack choices aside, it felt good to be back in the study groove, in our booth, at our Dunkin’.

school has officially started

Here I am, walking to Taste on a a Friday afternoon with bookbag in tow:


Nope, I can’t play the ‘we haven’t really done anything yet’ card anymore. Nosiree…exam number one is next week and I am NOT READY.

At least I’ll get to enjoy a nice hot coffee on this first truly crisp, fall day. BTW–I’m loving my new raincoat I scored this summer during Patagonia’s sale. Isn’t the bright green perfect!?


Who said dietitians don’t eat brownies??


Guess what? When they discuss sensory evaluation, they do! Even stranger: the Tops brand beat out Betty Crocker AND Ghiradelli! Sacrilege! (I do, however, think G got robbed as it wasn’t prepared in the correctly sized pan…)

Despite the fun of a taste-test (which was surprisingly difficult), I still prefer to make my own. Just call me Martha.

Oh, and bonus points for me for NOT finishing my samples, nor did I gorge myself on extras. I did, however, try a bite of another tiny G brownie, just to ascertain which I liked better…