Help the Body with Nutrient-Dense Foods

Last month, I wrote about some of the ‘healthy-in-name-only’ items, such as energy bars and coffee shop-smoothies, as well as truly nutrient-dense options, like red meat and eggs, which may not come to mind when you use the term ‘healthy.’

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Look Closer at All Natural

Last month, I wrote about ‘natural flavors.’  Be wary of this term in packaging and the ingredient label, as it’s an umbrella term that can mean almost anything…as long as it was once a ‘natural’ ingredient.  That isn’t to say it’s always bad; it’s simply worth checking out beyond the information provided on the label, perhaps via the company’s website.

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Looking at What Goes into Sparkling Water

There is a pretty good chance you’re reading this while swigging some sparkling water from a colorful can and feeling pretty good about yourself.  You’ve kicked your soda habit in favor or something refreshing and bubbly without all the extra sugar.  Hurray!  Great job.  You’re saving yourself hundreds of extra calories a day, which keeps you hydrated and your pants from getting too tight.

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