Creating a Fish-Focused Diet

My family and I are enjoying one last ‘summer’ vacation in the Outer Banks right now, and it has me thinking about seafood.  I was in charge of meal planning for my family’s trip (there are five families here!), and I made sure to include some fish in the menu.  Might as well, since we’re so close to the ocean!

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Balancing Healthy Food with Vacation Fun

This is the fifth (and final!) column in a series about talking to kids about food.  I’ve told you how to use the colors of the rainbow to point out how different foods help our bodies, given you a few helpful phrases to use with your kids, and even offered suggestions about how to address food at gatherings. Last month’s column, which was perhaps one of my most popular, was about using the phrase “You don’t have to eat it.” 

Did you give it a try?  If so, I’d love to hear how it’s going!

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Letting Your Kids Choose

This is the fourth column in a series about talking to kids about food.  My first column used the colors of the rainbow to illustrate how to describe the benefits of certain foods to elementary-aged children.  Next, I taught you some phrases to use with your kids, such as “Dinner is soon,” or “I’m not offering that food right now; maybe it will be in the menu tomorrow.”  Last month, I offered some helpful hints to navigate food with your kids at all of the summer events you have coming up.

One of the phrases I included in my column two months ago deserves a bit more attention, as it just might be the way to end mealtime frustration. 

“You don’t have to eat it.”

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