Have A Healthier Winter

We’re just a few short days away from Christmas, and the magic of the season is all around us. Presents are multiplying under the tree, the drinks are flowing at holiday parties and calories don’t count.

Except that they do, and all our poor food choices during the holiday season catch up to us sooner or later. It’s all fun and games until someone gets fat. January is the saddest of months around these parts; the holiday sparkle has worn off, the snow is dirty and our pants are a little bit tighter. Continue reading “Have A Healthier Winter”

starting solids

Alternate title: “Expectations vs. Reality: Food Edition.”

I feel like I could write an entire blog post on how parenthood is different than what I expected, but I’ll limit this one to only those related to baby food. Continue reading “starting solids”

The Whole30 Diet

The tenth (and last!) installment of the series on eating patterns is about the Whole30 Diet. Last month, we explored the Ketogenic Diet and learned the theory behind putting your body into a state of ketosis by restricting carbohydrates in order to promote quick weight loss. Ranked #38 out of 41 total diets in the U.S News Best Diet Rankings, the Whole30 Program isn’t as much a ‘diet’ as it is a ‘reset.’ The Whole30 program and its co-creater, Melissa Hartwig Urban, were recently featured on the cover of People magazine. Continue reading “The Whole30 Diet”