puttin’ up a fence

We did.  Or at least part of one.  Yet again, we returned from an extended overseas trip, began a giant project just after July 4th, and barely finished before the weather turned.  I think this has happened every summer for the past three years.  Continue reading “puttin’ up a fence”

it only took us five years…

… to visit the Diercks in Minnesota!

When Emily and Dan (our besties in Ohio) announced they’d decided to make the trek to MN to visit Jen and Dave (our other besties from Ohio, who moved away shortly after we did), we decided we needed to join in the fun, too!  (Actually, I basically TOLD Andrew we were going, and that was that.  It just would not have been the same!)

We booked airfare for the first weekend in October and started counting the days until we would see our friends.

Continue reading “it only took us five years…”

Cloud Paint

I recently received an email from Glossier offering me a ‘referral’ credit if any of my friends placed an order using a link I could share on my social media accounts.  This made me realize it’s been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve posted in the ‘Things I love’ section of the blog.  (And boy, do I have some goodies to share!) Continue reading “Cloud Paint”