learning to ride a bike

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’m planning to do my first triathlon in August.  (Technically, my second.  I did an ‘indoor tri’ at the Y and–spoiler alert–I finished far and away on top.)  I swam up through highschool (and have tried to stay in the pool on a *fairly* regular basis since then), I teach cycle at the Y, and I run regularly.  For awhile now I’ve felt like doing a tri would be a no-brainer, I simply haven’t ever felt like it was ever a good time to start training.  I’m not sure what it is about this summer, but THIS SUMMER I feel the need to do a triathlon.   Continue reading “learning to ride a bike”

Cd’A: Day 4

Monday was the first day I was on my own for the entire day, and I was excited!  (No offense, honey.)  Up until now, conference activities were only scheduled for portions of the day, which is why we were able to do some hiking together each morning.  Andrew said most of the other conference attendees had come in groups of twos and threes from their respective companies, and were also trying to enjoy some outdoor activities.  It would be a shame to come this far and miss out on all that Northern Idaho has to offer!  Continue reading “Cd’A: Day 4”

Memorial Day Weekend

OK, so this is a *bit* later than I’d like, but things have been especially hectic over here these past two weeks, and it will be about another two weeks until it slows down, but it’s aaaallllllll goooooood, mon.

*Disclaimer:  You will see virtually NO photos of us from the entire weekend.  Yet again, we were ‘photo-challenged’ (as my mom puts it) and failed to take A SINGLE PHOTO TOGETHER.  Seriously.  Where’s Andrew and his camera when you need them?!

My parents visited for the long weekend, which was INCREDIBLE.  My parents are in DC and we’re all pretty busy, so visits are few and far-between; it’s a good year if I see one or both parents more than once.  Having them come here and see how much work we’ve done on the house–especially the backyard–was really neat.  Also, my mom and I have birthdays that weekend just a day apart, (it gets better, too–my grandmother’s birthday is the day after my mom’s) and I grew up celebrating all three of our birthdays together, either at Bamma’s house in Virginia, or at our house in Pennsylvania when we lived there.  It’s been a number of years since we’ve done that, and Andrew and I have been out of the country the past three years over my birthday, so it was really special to be with my parents again.  Check out the beautiful cake my dad picked out for our BBQ Monday: Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend”