the Wilhelms came to visit!

My bestie and her family came for a quick visit last weekend. It already feels like a lifetime ago; we spent this past week in Alexandria for Andrew’s conference and between hosting the weekend before and trip and the trip itself, we’re spent.

The last time Emily and Dan were at our house it was 2018, I was training for my first triathlon and we’d get pregnant with Maelle just a couple months later. Now THAT feels like a lifetime ago!

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Alexandria getaway

An alternate title to this post could be: ‘The Travel Potty: Our Constant Companion.’

Andrew FINALLY got to travel for work, so we weren’t going to let being only three weeks into potty training stop us. (It does, however, slow you down a bit.)

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Oh Crap…for real

I’ve been a little quiet here for the last couple weeks because we’ve been up to our eyeballs in potty training! Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of our experience with the early stages of potty training.

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