Grilling Through the Fall

Don’t put that grill away yet!  Next week looks beautiful (or at least it did when I was writing this) and let’s not forget about all the tailgating going on this fall.  In fact, one of our favorite dishes on the grill hints of autumn, with sweet potatoes and thyme.  (Find the recipe in my July column.)

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DIY Kim’s Casserole

Growing up, my mom made one casserole and one casserole only.  We called it ‘Kim’s Casserole’ and a quick internet search yields many recipes with her three ingredients, but not a single one with ONLY those three ingredients.  Perhaps she made it up herself? Continue reading “DIY Kim’s Casserole”

creative Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship.  At least since Andrew and I began staying home and celebrating it with his parents, as I’ve started a local 5k race on Thanksgiving morning.  I plan to stay home from here on out (sorry Mom!), and have accepted that if I want my Thanksgiving meal to be anything like what I grew up with, I’m going to have to make all. the. sides.  (This is no one’s fault; Andrew’s family simply ate different things on Thanksgiving than I did.) Continue reading “creative Thanksgiving leftovers”