puttin’ up a fence

We did.  Or at least part of one.  Yet again, we returned from an extended overseas trip, began a giant project just after July 4th, and barely finished before the weather turned.  I think this has happened every summer for the past three years.  Continue reading “puttin’ up a fence”

master bedroom maps

Andrew and I recently (finally!) decorated (a.k.a. hung something other than a mirror) our bedroom.

Back in November, Andrew stumbled upon a website with some amazing prints of old city and country maps.  What began as a quest to find Christmas presents for some of our nearest and dearest ended with us ordering a whopping eight (!!!) prints…none of which arrived in time to be wrapped under the tree.

Andrew and I almost exclusively decorate with photos or items that reflect our travels, so we chose maps of places we’ve visited.  So far, the bedroom contains Seville, Vienna, Rome, Nice, Florence and Prague, and there is an open wall just screaming for drapes more. (Anyone get my Ernest Scared Stupid reference?  My mom does the BEST impression.)

I love that while the maps aren’t centered over the bed, they create a ‘banner’ of sorts between the windows.


Here are some close-ups, starting with Nice, which is our favorite because of the large swath of blue ocean:


Look!  It’s the coliseum in Rome!


Here’s the key for the map of Vienna (and a peek into our bathroom):