spring clean

It’s day one of my Spring Break and I just spent the last 7.5 hours cleaning my house. Not exaggerating.

I vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the crud (no pun intended) out of this house like no other.  I wiped walls and did no fewer than five loads of laundry, in addition to wiping out the fridge, cleaning Hadrian’s dishes and vacuuming the bottoms of the drapes. (I think I may have let the house go a bit this first half of the semester…)







So help me, God, if my husband and dog mess it up in the first hour they’re home…  I won’t be held responsible for my actions.

written directions

*Note:  This was supposed to have been posted Sunday afternoon, but time got away from me.  And then I totally forgot.  I apologize.

I did my last long run this morning before my half marathon next weekend with Emily, and to keep it interesting, I mapped a new course for my friend Stephanie and me to do on our usual Sunday morning run.


We look a little worse for the wear–it got pretty warm out there–but we did it!  Stephanie said she wanted to try some more milage, so I mapped a 7.75 mile course (note the piece of paper I’m holding up) all over Orchard Park, and did three miles before she arrived.

MUCH has happened between now and then–pantry is almost finished, presentation has been practiced twice (giving it today at 1 p.m.!) and we’ve started our Italy-prep shopping–so it’s been a busy week.  But then, are they ever NOT busy?!

Oh, and I spent 8 hours cleaning the house yesterday.  EIGHT.  My fingers are sore (seriously–basically everything had to be vacuumed and then wet-wiped), but the house is almost free of project dust!

my kind of day

It’s my day off of school and for once, I have nothing to do.  Nothing…  EXCEPT STAY HOME AND CLEAN!


Seriously, I’m almost shaking with excitement.  I’ve had so many things going on lately (school, interviews for the paper, grocery shopping, school, trying to work out…) that I haven’t had a chance to keep up with the regular day-to-day cleaning (and trust me, it shows).  Couple that with extra dust from a house project, clutter and the fact that I’m completely OCD about it all–and you’ve got one crazy girl who can’t take it anymore.

My Thursdays are usually full of errands and things (or 24 hours of painting!), that I can’t just CLEAN.

So, that is what I’m doing today.  And I’m making a loaf of garlic french bread in the breadmaker (what a life-saver that invention is!), and plan to make some zucchini bread if time permits as well.  Other time-permitting events include a trip to the post office (I will get Summer Rental back to you at some point, Emily!) and painting doors and trim in the guest room upstairs.  If I don’t get to them, oh well 🙂  There is always this weekend…

Speaking of this weekend–Andrew says I might be painting the laundry room, too!  FINALLY.  Cannot wait to post pictures of that!

I snapped a few photos to show you all the craziness/mess I’v been living with for the past few weeks…









Other tasks include:

-switching my Scentsy warmers to fall smells


-hanging our sheer curtains we just got in the mail

-paying our local school taxes

-moving houseplants from unheated porch to regular house

-wall repair/prep in the bedroom before touch-up painting

-a walk/visit to the Nyes with Hadrian?

I’m not sure I’ll be painting this afternoon…