makin’ room for baby

After almost six months (!!!), our baby girl’s room is finally finished.  (If you’re in my inner circle, you know the struggle that this room has been, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the words “recessed lighting” come out of my mouth!)  As usual, Andrew’s wildly ambitious plans have come to fruition and the result is better than I ever thought possible.  And with two weeks to spare… Continue reading “makin’ room for baby”

porch project: the vision

Up until a week ago, this is how our front porch looked:

It’s looked like that for the last couple years, and has seen minimal use since we moved into the house.  It’s an enclosed, non-heated space, so it’s only usable when temperatures are bearable.  Basically, it’s a pass-through from our ‘front’ door (on the driveway side of the porch) into the house, and a space for me to have coffee on summer mornings.  Continue reading “porch project: the vision”