bulletin board

One of the ‘dreaded’ projects we complete as seniors in the dietetics program is a bulletin board.  In the past, all the students were in charge of a bulletin board in our building on campus.  This year–and perhaps due our relocation because of the renovation on our building–some of us are decorating boards at some of the community sites to which we’re assigned.

I taught a nutrition education class to teenagers at the Seneca Street after-school program (THAT didn’t go well…let’s just say it would be an understatement to say that some of them are poorly behaved), and so that is where I did my board.

I taught my section of the class on choosing healthier options at their local convenience store, where they stop between school and program.  (Holy smokes, was that culture shock.  I went on a ‘field trip’ to see what healthier options I could find…I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, let me just tell you that.)

Anyway, despite all the junk food lining the shelves, I was able to find ‘better’ options.  Thus, I made my board:




I loved it!  Don’t you??

I bought all the items, forced Andrew to eat the junk–he didn’t mind–and prepared cards to list why the better options were healthier.  I really do believe you can find better options just about anywhere, you just have to look.


Hopefully the teens will heed some of my advice!

a list (finally)

Thought you’d never hear from me again, didn’t you?

(I was beginning to think that myself!)

Well, I’m back, and hopefully with a little more regularity.  My last post was August 7, and that’s just shameful.  (Especially since the title is ‘drink last night.’  THAT’S WHAT’S BEEN ON MY HOME PAGE FOR MORE THAN A MONTH?!?!  Fantastic.)

Since then, I’ve started back to school, and I’ve learned that SOMETHING has to drop off my plate when it gets busy around here, and it always seems to be the blog.  And vacuuming.  The hair is out of control, people.

In an effort to jumpstart this thing, here’s a quick list:

1. School started at the end of August and this is week 4.  WEEK FOUR!  Where is September going??  Where did August go?  WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO???  Seriously–fastest one yet.  I blame the internship.

2.  The big project this summer was our garage floor.  Andrew did one of those cool epoxy ones with the flecks sprinkled all over.  It’s awesome.  It was a TON of work–mostly on his part.  Not quite sure it was necessary, but man, does it look sweet.  Pictures coming soon.

3.  Speaking of pictures.  Another reason my blogging is so belated is due to the dreaded ‘space upgrade.’ I hem and haw each time I use up my space and have to buy more…  Sure, I could delete a bunch of photos from years ago, but, on the one hand the thought of that makes me SO SAD, and the time it would take to sort through them is not worth saving $20.

4.  I put our electric blanket on the bed last night.  It’s the middle of September.  How is this possible??

5.  I’m going to Trader Joe’s with a friend tonight.  SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED.

6.  I’m loving my school schedule this semester.  All 8 a.m. classes, but I go immediately to the gym after and workout, shower and eat lunch in the car on the way home.  The efficiency of it all makes me so happy.  One day I stay longer on campus, and two days a week I’m in rotations off-campus.  Right now I’m at various places in the community (a.k.a. Buffalo) such as Head Start, WIC and after-school programs.  Next month I’ll be back in the hospitals all day.

7.  I have LOTS of draft posts, just sitting in the queue.  Projects, a summer visitor and FOOD. Stay tuned.

8.  Pray for me, people.  I can probably count the number of nights I’ve gotten MORE than 6 hours of sleep so far this year on one hand.  Seriously.  I really struggle with sleep and I NEED TO GET MORE.  Not a lot more–just another hour or so.  I got a whopping 3 last night.  Between the animals waking/keeping me up, afternoon caffeine intake, the to-do list and stress, my sleep pattern is all messed up.

9.  I got invited to join the swim team up at school after someone saw me doing laps the other day.  Talk about an ego boost!  I still got it 🙂

10.  My new favorite thing is the sweet potato.  I love them baked with cinnamon, topped with almond butter or mixed with cottage cheese and avocado.  I throw them in smoothies and salads.  I pretty much have a half each day.  Give it a try!

Happy Monday–it’s good to be back!