bulletin board

One of the ‘dreaded’ projects we complete as seniors in the dietetics program is a bulletin board.  In the past, all the students were in charge of a bulletin board in our building on campus.  This year–and perhaps due our relocation because of the renovation on our building–some of us are decorating boards at some of the community sites to which we’re assigned.

I taught a nutrition education class to teenagers at the Seneca Street after-school program (THAT didn’t go well…let’s just say it would be an understatement to say that some of them are poorly behaved), and so that is where I did my board.

I taught my section of the class on choosing healthier options at their local convenience store, where they stop between school and program.  (Holy smokes, was that culture shock.  I went on a ‘field trip’ to see what healthier options I could find…I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, let me just tell you that.)

Anyway, despite all the junk food lining the shelves, I was able to find ‘better’ options.  Thus, I made my board:




I loved it!  Don’t you??

I bought all the items, forced Andrew to eat the junk–he didn’t mind–and prepared cards to list why the better options were healthier.  I really do believe you can find better options just about anywhere, you just have to look.


Hopefully the teens will heed some of my advice!

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