a lunch fit for a queen

That was the title of this blog post BEFORE Regina said it herself, thankyouverymuch.

For Regina’s birthday, I had her over for a nice, quiet lunch. She’s in the throes of moving her four-person family into her gram’s house, as well as serving as maid of honor in her sister’s upcoming wedding. Oh, and she had to prep their old house for renters in the same weekend as the wedding shower. So, she’s been a bit stressed.

We started with a dry rose from the Finger Lakes (‘Is 11 too early for wine?’ I asked. Multiple sources gave a resounding, ‘No!’) and veggies with hummus.


We chatted on the porch for at least an hour, enjoying the sunny day, our wine, soft music in the background and (uninterrupted) conversation. It was beautiful.


It was so peaceful, it didn’t even feel like my own house. Oh, that’s right–the dog was outside. No wonder.

We headed to the dining room–flowers courtesy of Andrew–for lunch.


I served a zucchini and ginger velouté soup (fantastic) as well as sides of creamy mustard beets, caprese salad, pickled radishes and apricot nut bread.

Afterward, we headed to the new froyo place in East Aurora, Yotality, for some dessert! It was one of the most wonderful days I’ve had all summer. In the words of Andrew, last night: “Aren’t you glad I was friends with Regina in high school?”

Yes. Yes I am.

garage project has begun!

Andrew arranged to start the garage ‘raising’ project today.


In order to get our cars inside, we have to adjust the height and put in a new door. Surprisingly, jacking up a garage isn’t that difficult, according to Andrew’s contractor friend. (Said contractor friend is here on-site, which makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better.)

For weeks, our stuff has been sitting outside (and in the basement) since we had to empty out the garage.


Of course, Andrew advertised that there would be breakfast. Of course, I could have bought bagels, but you know me; I had to take this as an opportunity to try out new recipes!

The spread:


Pioneer Woman’s Breakfast Pizza:


King Arthur Flour’s Lemon (but I used lime) Coffeecake:


Fruit salad:


And of course, beverages:


I am so excited this is starting, and thankful Andrew has so much help. Say some prayers for an injury-free day; I already sliced a finger on my mandoline last night while prepping dinner. Ouch.

another long overdue list

1. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to get my act together. I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person for two months straight! Two months of overeating (celebrations galore) and almost no real routine have totally thrown me all out of whack.

2. We’ve had a lot going on around here…

3. I tilled the side bed in the backyard and transplanted some hostas the deer have ready munched to smithereens. I know they’ll come back nicely next year!


4. We went to a Counting Crows and Wallflowers concert. Talk about throw back to high school! It rained, and aren’t really ‘concert people’ anyway, but I’m glad we went.



5. We celebrated the 4th of July. The parade (on the 3rd) ran down our street, and then we hosted a small ‘BBQ’ at our place on the 4th. BBQ is somewhat misleading; we served cold-meat sandwiches and sides as we are currently grill-less.



6. Our dear friends, the Diercks, visited from Ohio. Dave, Jen and Aiden (and baby girl on the way!) spent almost four days with us, filled with lots of movie-watching and couch-sitting…just like old times. We did sneak in some Main Street-walking and Nye house-visiting (where our friends were immediately treated like family and fed strawberry shortcakes, pie and cookies), as well as some babysitting so Jen and Dave could go to dinner.


7. My online class is going well. Let’s just say the professor asked if he could use my first paper as an example for the rest of the class.

8. I’ve been making it to kickbox and Pilates-yoga regularly at the gym, as well as running a couple times a week, but this girl still feels like a fatty. Must be all that dessert I’m consuming…

9. Our other dear friends, the Wilhelms, arrive Friday morning and I just can’t wait! We’re planning to take Emily and Dan to Penn State for Arts Fest on Saturday and I can barely contain myself! Showing them the place Andrew and I hold so near and dear just thrills me to no end. Friday, come soon!

10. Speaking of Penn State…Andrew finally framed and hung the photographs we bought at Arts Fest LAST YEAR.


His awesome frame job was worth the wait, but seriously, I was more than ready to get this project done!