garage project has begun!

Andrew arranged to start the garage ‘raising’ project today.


In order to get our cars inside, we have to adjust the height and put in a new door. Surprisingly, jacking up a garage isn’t that difficult, according to Andrew’s contractor friend. (Said contractor friend is here on-site, which makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better.)

For weeks, our stuff has been sitting outside (and in the basement) since we had to empty out the garage.


Of course, Andrew advertised that there would be breakfast. Of course, I could have bought bagels, but you know me; I had to take this as an opportunity to try out new recipes!

The spread:


Pioneer Woman’s Breakfast Pizza:


King Arthur Flour’s Lemon (but I used lime) Coffeecake:


Fruit salad:


And of course, beverages:


I am so excited this is starting, and thankful Andrew has so much help. Say some prayers for an injury-free day; I already sliced a finger on my mandoline last night while prepping dinner. Ouch.

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