Spotlight Time for the Egg

The humble egg truly deserves its turn in the spotlight.  I was recently reminded of this while talking with a friend, who told me that typically makes eggs for dinner for herself and her family one night a week.  Sunday nights are busy evenings for them during the winter when they spend the weekends skiing, and she is a vegetarian, which makes them an excellent protein source for her.  Bonus: her young children typically eat eggs without complaint (although we all know that can change—and change back—in an instant).  Her simple statement about making eggs for dinner regularly gave me pause…and caused me to cook my daughter an egg for lunch the other day…which she ate.

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Valentine’s Day 2022

I absolutely love making holidays festive and special, and this year was no different. Although, is Valentine’s Day becoming the next Easter!? I don’t know about you, but I managed to put together more than just a ‘little treat’ for my girl without even trying. (In my defense, the doll was a last-minute addition; all the baby diapers Nana got her require a larger doll, so I grabbed another like the one she has at her house.) I’m going to have to reign in the gift-giving or Maelle might get a pony by the time she’s 10!

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a very belated Christmas

Earlier this month, we FINALLY made the drive down to DC to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our trip was originally scheduled for late December, but was postponed due to illness. Synching up four different familys’ schedules proved harder than expected, so we decided we might as well tack on a Valentine’s Day celebration, too.

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