a very belated Christmas

Earlier this month, we FINALLY made the drive down to DC to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our trip was originally scheduled for late December, but was postponed due to illness. Synching up four different familys’ schedules proved harder than expected, so we decided we might as well tack on a Valentine’s Day celebration, too.

Mom threw all the presents around a Valentine-themed tree, and the house was decorated in pink and red. I love a good ‘theme’ celebration, and this weekend was spot-on.

The upside of delaying our visit is that we got to see Sewon and Aaron! Sewon’s trip to the States got delayed by a family emergency in Korea, so they weren’t going to be able to join us at Mom and Dad’s after Christmas. However, she flew into Atlanta (where Aaron lives) two weeks ago, and they made the trek up to DC with a stop in NC to see her parents. For those who don’t know, Aaron and Sewon got married in Korea this past summer, but Sewon had to wait on her visa to join Aaron here. They plan to have another ceremony here in a few months so our family can attend and meet Sewon. It’s hard to believe both my little brothers are married, and that one even has a kid, too.

Maelle’s big gift from my parents was baby ‘items’ (diapers, baby food, etc ) for the baby doll she received at Christmas from Andrew’s mom. In one of my biggest #momfail moments to date, I forgot to pack the doll! Insert facepalm emoji here, for sure. I raced out to Walmart the evening we arrived to pick up another doll to live at Nana’s house, just in case.

Maelle fed, diapered and demanded we stuff the pacifier in the mouth of her baby the entire weekend. If I never pick up another doll diaper again it will be too soon.

At first, my mom thought my obsession with Hanna jammies and matching with Maelle was silly. Well, take a look at us now! Now that she has grandkids she’s singing a different tune. Even my brothers and dad wore their red shirts and plaid pants like champs.

And look at this adorable little photo-bomber!

After our Christmas celebration, we moved onto Valentine’s Day, complete with pink cupcakes and a special pancake breakfast. Maelle and her cousin, Jack, even had matching Buffalo-plaid shirts!

Perhaps the highlight of the visit was our dinner out at the American Legion. My parents have recently started going there for dinners occasionally, and they thought it would be fun to bring the whole family. It was, and we even got to hear both mom and Aaron do karaoke! I don’t think any of us could believe our ears. Mom was so brave to get up and perform a Patsy Cline number, and Aaron brought down the house with his rendition of ‘O What a Night.’ It was a great option with a big group and small children, and very relaxed. The food was excellent and reasonably priced; I’m looking forward to going back next time we’re in town. We even found the plaque for our Legion, East Aurora #362, on the wall!

As usual, it was hard to say goodbye after a few days with Nana and grandpa. We’re hoping to get back to DC again soon!

One thought on “a very belated Christmas

  1. For the record, I did not think the Hanna Andersen jammies “silly”, I think they are too expensive! I am glad we found most of ours on Mercari!

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