Valentine’s Day 2022

I absolutely love making holidays festive and special, and this year was no different. Although, is Valentine’s Day becoming the next Easter!? I don’t know about you, but I managed to put together more than just a ‘little treat’ for my girl without even trying. (In my defense, the doll was a last-minute addition; all the baby diapers Nana got her require a larger doll, so I grabbed another like the one she has at her house.) I’m going to have to reign in the gift-giving or Maelle might get a pony by the time she’s 10!

I made pink pancakes and beet smoothies, which has become my go-to for Valentine’s Day. (I make green smoothies for St. Patrick’s Day…and lots of other days!)

Check out my little Valentine!

We even had a special playdate later that morning with our running group friends. I loved assembling Maelle’s treats and watching the kids pass them out to each other–so cute! Everyone had themed outfits, including the moms. I’m going to miss this stage when she’s older, for sure.

Andrew and I don’t tend to go out on Valentine’s Day; instead, we try to celebrate our ‘dating anniversary,’ which is Feb. 17th (today!). We’ve been together TWENTY YEARS. It’s amazing and shocking and horrifying all at once. Time certainly is flying.

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