how we’re spending our time in quarantine

Just like everyone else, we’re spending A LOT of time at home these days.  Admittedly, my day-to-day hasn’t changed all that much since I’m still home with the baby much of the time.  However, now that we’re in week three of social distancing, I’m starting to feel the lack of play dates, walks with friends and errand-running.  I can’t even imagine how I’d handle having school-aged children home, suddenly, and attempting to keep them busy educate them! Continue reading “how we’re spending our time in quarantine”

Miss Maelle goes to Washington

Earlier this month, we had ourselves an impromptu ‘spring break,’ and boy are we glad to have gotten out on a quick trip (and home again) before all the quarantining started!  Maelle and I had tentatively planned to join Andrew on a work trip to London in early May, but that’s obviously not happening…  We aren’t sure when our next opportunity to travel will be, and we feel the absence of trip-planning acutely; this will be the first time in four or five years that we aren’t planning a trip to Europe right about now. Continue reading “Miss Maelle goes to Washington”

Getting Kids Involved with Meals During Coronavirus

Schools are shut and ‘social distancing’ forbids play dates…what’s a parent to do in these stressful times? Now is a perfect opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen! With a little help from mom, dad or a caregiver, children can prepare their own meals. Additionally, being more involved with meal planning, grocery shopping and food preparation often leads to more adventurous eating. Here are some ways to pass the time while the kids are home from school.
Continue reading “Getting Kids Involved with Meals During Coronavirus”