a very belated Christmas

Earlier this month, we FINALLY made the drive down to DC to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our trip was originally scheduled for late December, but was postponed due to illness. Synching up four different familys’ schedules proved harder than expected, so we decided we might as well tack on a Valentine’s Day celebration, too.

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This year, instead of buying multi-packs of valentines to send to my loved ones (yes, I still communicate via snail mail–quite often–and even send valentines and Halloween cards, too), I went with a downloadable version from EatHealthyDesigns.


There are three different packs of six for $3, or you can buy all three packs for $7.50, and right now they’re 10% off.  Since they’re printable, you could buy them TOMORROW and still impress your valentine on time!  And at that price (coupled with that fact that you can print as many as you’d like), you might as well hand them out like candy!

It’s obvious why they appealed to me–they’re food-related!  I love the ‘You are berry awesome’ and ‘I love you a latte’ the most. In fact, the whole website is full of fun gifts and apparel I’m dying to own, like the ‘you guac my world’ tank top.

Since we don’t own a color printer, my original plan was to print in black and white and color them myself.  However, because they are PDFs, they print in grayscale so I had to print them elsewhere.  No matter–I printed a few extras and saved them on my computer so I’ll have them for next year.  Now I just need to buy a stack of small envelopes for them all…

Disclaimer: EatHealthyDesigns did not compensate me for this post.  Heck, they don’t even know who I am!