long weekend

Anyone else wishing it was still the weekend? Yesterday (Monday) felt like Saturday again with Andrew off of work!

I like to go all-out for Valentine’s Day, so both the dining room and mantle have been decorated with red and pink for the last couple weeks. We took time Friday to open our Valentine cards that had arrived via mail.

On Saturday we stayed in all day! I got to ride the spin bike upstairs mid-morning while Andrew and Maelle played downstairs–such a treat. Papa made a fire and we had a ‘picnic snack’ on a blanket after Maelle woke up from her nap.

I was excited for Sunday–the table was set and decorated for Valentine’s Day! I’d gotten Andrew some junk food goodies and a cute book for Maelle. I made blueberry pancakes and bacon, and just as breakfast was ready…Andrew announced he had to go out to pick up my surprise–a beautiful bouquet of flowers (NOT the ones pictured below-ha!).

We also went back to church for the first time since the pandemic, as their children’s ministry hadn’t been in operation. I was a bit nervous about how Maelle would do being left with strangers for the first time. All my worry was for naught; she was a champ and didn’t even bat an eye as we left! We enjoyed the service and are looking forward to being back in the pews next week.

I went on a run in the afternoon with Adam, then we all enjoyed Valentine treats for snack before heading to the Nyes’ house for dinner–our customary Sunday night eatery.

Monday felt like Saturday with Andrew being off (he’s not normally off on Presidents’ Day but his company gave it to their employees as a ‘mental health day’). While he and Maelle played downstairs, I rode the bike upstairs. It’s so nice not having to squeeze exercise in during her nap or in the morning before she’s awake–a true break for me and some daddy-daughter bonding time for them.

I wasn’t even off the bike before they barged in asking to make cupcakes! One of her little board books is an ‘interactive’ book about baking, and apparently she’d said she wanted to make some. So, we did!

I quickly prepped some ingredients, and, after my shower (hence the wet hair!) Maelle and I whipped up a batch of cupcakes with my special fiori di sicilia extract. (It languishes in my fridge since I don’t use it very often, and I figured it was the perfect opportunity.)

Full disclosure: before Maelle, I DREADED the idea of baking with a child. (OK, perhaps ‘dreaded’ is a bit strong.) I’m methodical, don’t make big messes and tend to clean as I go, so the thought of a small child bringing chaos to my happy place wasn’t something I thought I’d handle well. BUT. It’s all different now. Becoming a mother certainly changes a person. I didn’t even hesitate to get on board with Maelle’s wish. In fact, I was a little excited myself.

Even fuller disclosure: Andrew was there helping and snapping photos, and that made it easier for me to let go and have fun. I may enjoy these moments with my girl, but I don’t need a dozen eggs on the floor or the entire kitchen covered in flour.

Afterward, she said she wanted to “share Nye,” which means she wanted to share them with our friends, the Nyes. So, once they were frosted, we hopped into the car and drove a few over on our way to the coop for groceries.

We ended our evening with pizza and chocolate ice cream by candlelight, since Andrew hadn’t finished a wiring project in the basement that cut the power to a few outlets in the house, including the dining room.

Speaking of the power being cut to a few outlets… I went to the workout room this morning before Maelle woke up and couldn’t turn the TV on. And then I couldn’t turn the fan on. And then I couldn’t turn the bike on! So (instead of totally giving up), I streamed a workout on my phone, had to gauge the resistance level on the bike by feel, and got super sweaty!

I actually feel like I might have worked harder, since I was trying to make sure I was working despite not knowing at what level I was pedaling. I also realized how much I like using the TV, since it’s bigger and easier to link my earbuds.

How was your long/Valentine weekend?

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