I’m in love…

…with Hanna Andersson jammies! Or perhaps addicted? I’m not actually sure how it happened, but I went from zero to five (!!!) in, like, four months.

It’s all Maelle’s fault, really.

I discovered Hanna Andersson while shopping for her clothes second-hand and fell in love with the quality and style. I love their bright colors, whimsical prints and bold stripes. HA was founded here in the US by a woman from Sweden who valued the environment, simplicity and sustainability. The clothes are designed to last; they are meant to be handed down from one kid to another. I particularly love that HA uses organic cotton for most (all?) their pieces, and that they are making more and more OEKO-TEX fabrics as well.

I quickly realized this would be our new favorite brand, but their pieces aren’t cheap. However, they do have great sales, and because the clothes are so well made, I was able to find items still in great shape at consignment stores and online at Mercari.

A few months ago, I went on a buying frenzy stocking up on gently used HA sleepers for Maelle. I nabbed these two in 18-24 month size. I loved the blue ‘snowy cottages’ print and thought they’d both make great options for winter, with more staying power than something more ‘Christmas-y,’ like Santa or reindeer.

I placed my first order with HA in July, but only purchased clothes for Maelle that were on sale. I knew about their matching family pajamas, but figured Andrew wouldn’t be on board with that. I grew up opening new jammies on Christmas Eve, and it’s a tradition Andrew and I have continued, but never with anything that matched. In fact, some years our ‘jammies’ came in the form of new slippers or a robe. And, at $48 a piece (A PIECE!) for adult jammies, I REALLY didn’t think it was something Andrew would go for.

But, I was curious and started checking out the jammies online. When I saw a ‘snowy cottages’ jammie top in my size for only $12 on sale, I jumped on it. I figured it might look cute with jeans this winter, and I could match Maelle as well. I also purchased a set in blue multi-colored stripes that was also on sale. I was skeptical about the stripes, but I’d never know if I didn’t try, right?

Well, they arrived and fit me LIKE A GLOVE. So soft, stretchy yet flattering, and so comfortable. I was sold. Andrew cranks our bedroom air conditioner way down in the summer, so I end up wearing long sleeves and pants all year long. My HA jammies make me feel cute (And perhaps a little sexy? They are form-fitting…) and put together even at night. Before I knew it, I had a new set for (almost) every night of the week.

Now, before anyone freaks out, ALL of these pieces were on sale. I got the blue top for super cheap, and found the matching bottoms on eBay for maybe $35? Of course, I introduced Emily to HA and she and I decided we wanted the avocado tops ($20-ish?) for our trip to Florida in January. (The matching bottoms were long sold out, and our quest for ‘coordinating’ bottoms for the avocado top deserves a blog post in itself! Long story short: after much time spent looking online, followed by major misses from Old Navy, I decided this year’s HA ‘Grinch’ bottoms might actually be the closest we’d get to a set because of the limey-green color. We think they work nicely.)

Like I said, HA has great sales, and after monitoring their website I’ve noticed they reduce prices often. But, many styles (especially holiday prints) sell out quickly. That explains my plaid set; I decided I wanted a red and green ‘Christmas’ jammie to match Maelle, and thought the plaid print would fit the bill nicely for many years to come. Maelle will need new jammies each year, and the plaid will coordinate with almost anything we get her. I waited for them to get marked down to anything lower than $48, and scooped them up before they could sell out. I even talked Andrew into a set for him when I saw they also offered a flannel button-up top and loose pants.

Guys, these babies are addicting. I’m a fussy sleeper, and I swear these help. They keep me warm without being too hot, and I’ve finally realized I need to have pants that cinch at the ankle. Otherwise, they ride up my leg as I toss and turn, which drives me insane. It doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest prints, and now that I’m a #girlmom, I love matching with Maelle. One day, she won’t think it’s cool or fun to match her mama, so I better enjoy these years while I can.

Before I ramble too much (too late?), I’ll share some observations in case this post inspires anyone to buy a set for themselves. No, this is not a sponsored post. Hanna Andersson has no idea who I am, except for the nice woman I spoke to once at customer service, and I am not getting any financial reward for my opinions.

First, sizing. There are garment measurements as well as a size chart, so between both of those you should be able to make a pretty good guess as to your size. A handy trick is to measure an item of clothing you already own and compare to the garment measurements.

Also, Hannas for adults come in both women’s and unisex sizes. (I feel so cool saying ‘Hannas.’ It’s like I’m part of a club.) I find the women’s cut is more feminine: scoop neck, slimmer arms and body in the tops, wider waistband on the pants, as well as a bit more room in the behind. The unisex tops have longer sleeves, are a bit longer and roomier in the body of the shirt, and slimmer and longer in the leg. When I first opened the Grinch pants, I thought there would be no way they’d fit. But, because Hannas are so stretchy, they are also very forgiving.

All of my sets are the women’s style in size medium, except the avocado. It was only available in unisex, and I sized down to a small. See photo above; the top has a crew neck and is a bit looser. Additionally, the ‘Grinch’ bottoms I paired with it only came in unisex, so I chose a small and prayed like hell they’d fit. Thankfully, they did and I’m happy with them. But, I definitely prefer the women’s fit to the unisex. I even replaced a unisex top (gray and white stripe, purchased on super sale) for a women’s version once it was on sale. I kept the unisex top to wear with jeans.

Second, be aware that stripes and prints aren’t created equal. Stripes are yarn-dyed, which means the fabric itself is that color. Prints are just that–printed–on fabric, which may cause some visible white when the fabric is stretched. I first noticed this with the plaid and thought it might be a problem, but it’s fine. The stripes might be a touch softer, but overall it’s much less of a deal than I thought.

Third, shop the sale…but not too fast. As I said earlier, items get marked down frequently, so something you like might get cheaper in just a few days or a week. I’ve been burned way too many times waiting for things to go on sale, so I try to gauge how much I want the item. If I’d be REALLY sad the piece was gone, or would consider calling stores to find it, that’s my cue to order sooner rather than later. If you find a holiday print you have to have, go ahead and order it once it gets marked down that first time. I did that with the Grinch pants because I knew they were my best bet to go with the avocado top and I didn’t want them to get away.

Lastly, Hanna Andersson’s customer service is great. I’ve called a couple times now, and got through quickly–to a real person–who was helpful and friendly. They even adjusted the price of an item I’d purchased just a day before it got marked down again. I was told they only do that one time, but was also advised that I could do that if an item gets further reduced very soon after purchasing. Regardless, I was satisfied both times.

Anyone else on the Hanna jam bandwagon with me??

One thought on “I’m in love…

  1. I’m obsessed with Hannas…and that was what sent me down the rabbit hole of kids brands…which my own blog has now become a dumping ground for…

    How excited are you for Black Frida sale at HA?

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