a lunch fit for a queen

That was the title of this blog post BEFORE Regina said it herself, thankyouverymuch.

For Regina’s birthday, I had her over for a nice, quiet lunch. She’s in the throes of moving her four-person family into her gram’s house, as well as serving as maid of honor in her sister’s upcoming wedding. Oh, and she had to prep their old house for renters in the same weekend as the wedding shower. So, she’s been a bit stressed.

We started with a dry rose from the Finger Lakes (‘Is 11 too early for wine?’ I asked. Multiple sources gave a resounding, ‘No!’) and veggies with hummus.


We chatted on the porch for at least an hour, enjoying the sunny day, our wine, soft music in the background and (uninterrupted) conversation. It was beautiful.


It was so peaceful, it didn’t even feel like my own house. Oh, that’s right–the dog was outside. No wonder.

We headed to the dining room–flowers courtesy of Andrew–for lunch.


I served a zucchini and ginger velouté soup (fantastic) as well as sides of creamy mustard beets, caprese salad, pickled radishes and apricot nut bread.

Afterward, we headed to the new froyo place in East Aurora, Yotality, for some dessert! It was one of the most wonderful days I’ve had all summer. In the words of Andrew, last night: “Aren’t you glad I was friends with Regina in high school?”

Yes. Yes I am.

One thought on “a lunch fit for a queen

  1. What a wonderful gift to give a friend…..God has blessed you with hospitality and many other serving blessings…You are special!

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