spring clean

It’s day one of my Spring Break and I just spent the last 7.5 hours cleaning my house. Not exaggerating.

I vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the crud (no pun intended) out of this house like no other.  I wiped walls and did no fewer than five loads of laundry, in addition to wiping out the fridge, cleaning Hadrian’s dishes and vacuuming the bottoms of the drapes. (I think I may have let the house go a bit this first half of the semester…)







So help me, God, if my husband and dog mess it up in the first hour they’re home…  I won’t be held responsible for my actions.

3 thoughts on “spring clean

  1. Nor should you be held responsible! LOL I received your card yesterday, thank you for thinking of me. It has been a difficult year and I’m looking forward to getting back on thrack in the next few months. ❤ Aunt Mary

  2. I love to clean and organize…I feel like I’m living in a new home after I’m finished cleaning ! You and I share our love of clean and organization. XOXO

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