I’m coming up on Spring Break next week (how did we get here so fast?!), and in honor of that time off, I’m also taking some time off from my normal workout routine, too.

(This scares me immensely.)

The truth is, I’ve felt some nasty shin splints coming on for about a week now, and the walk to class yesterday was particularly uncomfortable.  Every joint–from my hips to my ankles–winced in pain.  Then and there, I decided perhaps my legs could use a little TLC, too.

And the timing couldn’t be better; between my break and associated upcoming travel, and the CAR TROUBLE we experienced last night, it’s a good time to not have the added guilt of not being able to get to the gym.

(Car trouble in a nutshell: HUGE blessing that God got Katie and me back to town from school before the car decided to shudder and click on a bunch of lights.  Car is currently in the shop and I don’t know that we’re optimistic for a quick and easy fix.  Pray we’re wrong!)


Starting today, I’m taking a REST.  At least from running.  I might throw some swimming and long walks in, but pounding the pavement is OUT. My joints need the break, and my mind and body need some rest.  It will be extremely liberating to not workout and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT, but it also means I’ll need to be even more disciplined about what I’m eating.  That’s what I’m scared about.

I’m one rotation and one class away from a much-needed break, and despite having all my travel plans thrown up in the air with this car situation, I’m at peace knowing God will take care of it.  He’ll take care of the car, He’ll take care of our plans, and He’ll definitely take care of my body over the next week.

My hope and prayer is for a guilt-free, restful and rejuvenating break, and that I’ll be ready to jump back into the regular routine afterward.  (Gosh, that sounds idyllic.  Are those things even possible??)



One thought on “rest

  1. Hope you get to travel as planned. Cars-ugh! Splints can be very nasty. If after a weeks rest you still feel them, don’t run. You may want to try a joint supplement? Enjoy your break. ❤ Aunt Mary

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