dessert for breakfast

Remember that too-healthy apple crisp leftover from St. Patrick’s Day?

Well, the next morning it became BREAKFAST!



To about 1 C of the leftover crisp, I added:

1/2 C plain Greek yogurt

1/4 C Vanilla Soy Milk

1/2 scoop protein powder

1 T chia seeds

So good!  Came to about 270 calories and 27 g protein with only 20 g sugar.  Not too bad, I’d say 🙂  Makes me want to do it again!  (Disclaimer: I have TWO individual, unbaked ramekins of the crisp still in the fridge…insert greedy laugh here.)

And since Andrew said he didn’t like the apple crisp (huff!), they are ALL MINE.

*This morning’s iteration:


Apple crisp topped with plain Greek yogurt mixed with a splash of vanilla soy milk.

Oh, the joy.

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