Wineglass Half Marathon 2018

Last weekend, I had the privilege–again–of being a cheerleader for some of my dear friends while they ran a half marathon.  If you recall, I joined Stacy last November in NYC for her marathon, and in April I helped Sara cheer on her sister in this year’s Boston Marathon.  I love races, and I love my friends–what a great way to spend a weekend! Continue reading “Wineglass Half Marathon 2018”

written directions

*Note:  This was supposed to have been posted Sunday afternoon, but time got away from me.  And then I totally forgot.  I apologize.

I did my last long run this morning before my half marathon next weekend with Emily, and to keep it interesting, I mapped a new course for my friend Stephanie and me to do on our usual Sunday morning run.


We look a little worse for the wear–it got pretty warm out there–but we did it!  Stephanie said she wanted to try some more milage, so I mapped a 7.75 mile course (note the piece of paper I’m holding up) all over Orchard Park, and did three miles before she arrived.

MUCH has happened between now and then–pantry is almost finished, presentation has been practiced twice (giving it today at 1 p.m.!) and we’ve started our Italy-prep shopping–so it’s been a busy week.  But then, are they ever NOT busy?!

Oh, and I spent 8 hours cleaning the house yesterday.  EIGHT.  My fingers are sore (seriously–basically everything had to be vacuumed and then wet-wiped), but the house is almost free of project dust!