Wineglass Half Marathon 2018

Last weekend, I had the privilege–again–of being a cheerleader for some of my dear friends while they ran a half marathon.  If you recall, I joined Stacy last November in NYC for her marathon, and in April I helped Sara cheer on her sister in this year’s Boston Marathon.  I love races, and I love my friends–what a great way to spend a weekend!

Both Stacy and Sara were sidelined earlier this year with injuries, and had to change their race plans from full to half marathons.  Sara’s husband, Sean, also ran the half, while dealing with his own knee issues. Bring on the physical therapy!

Corning, home to the Corning Museum of Glass, is only two hours away and another quaint, small town in Western/Upstate New York.  The marathon is a net downhill and a popular Boston-qualifier race.  The race’s medal is glass, and race swag includes an actual wineglass (carefully wrapped at the expo to prevent breakage!) and a tiny bottle of champagne!

Stacy and I arrived late afternoon on Saturday, and joined our friends Sara and Sean for dinner after the expo.  No one was aiming for a PR after all their injuries and rehabbing (or so they thought!), so we ate and drank to our hearts’ content at Market Street Brewing Company.  (OK, two drinks a person–we’re a wild bunch.)

The next morning, after Stacy left bright and early for her race shuttle, I grabbed her car keys and headed for mile 5.5, one of the spectator spots along the course.  Stacy, below, always has fun mugging for the camera:

Within a few minutes, Sara and Sean ran by, too:

It was a rainy morning, which had not been in the forecast.  I lamented leaving my raincoat and umbrella at home, but at least I had a hat!  After seeing my friends, I high-tailed it back to Corning to park the car before heading to the finish line.

After finish-line cheers and congratulations, we all cleaned up before meeting again for food and drink.  Mooney’s might just have the world’s best onion rings!

Cheers to good friends, good beer and good running!  Stacy went sub-two in her half, and Sara ended up PR-ing by 7 minutes!  Poor Sean is still struggling through his knee pain.  I left with a renewed desire to (one day) qualify for Boston and plans to pace my first half-marathon at the end of the month.

Happy running!

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