finally, a race!

I ran my first race since COVID earlier this month.

I don’t even remember how I found out about it, but after seeing a reasonable entry fee and that it was in-person downtown on a day we were available (what day AREN’T we these days?!), I jumped on it.

So glad I did! The weather turned out to be perfect–almost too warm–and I did really well. Not only was it my first race since the pandemic, it was the first ‘race’ I’d done since getting pregnant. Sure, I ran the Caroler 5K last December, but I was pushing the stroller. This time, I’d been informed that the not-even-50-people in my wave would all finish within a few minutes of each other. All of a sudden, I’d have to ACTUALLY run fast.

And run fast I did!

I ended up finishing in the top eight in my wave, and the second female. Overall, I was the fastest female veteran! I ran 7:35 miles (!!!) with a finish time of 23:54. I’ll take that; I hadn’t anticipated that kind of a finish at all.

It was fun to get out and do an in-person race, I’m glad I was able to support our local veterans’ organizations, and I even enjoyed pushing the pace a bit. Mostly, it was uncomfortable, but it reminded me that I can be fast and strong.

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