The stroller moms and I ran a half-marathon last weekend!

Earlier this summer, one of the girls thought it would be fun to run the Mighty Niagara Half and so we all signed up. It was early enough that we didn’t even need to start training…but boy did time sneak up on us! I’m pretty sure we were all surprised to realize the race was suddenly six weeks away and we hadn’t done any long runs!

It’s the longest distance I’ve run since I was pregnant, and it was so fulfilling to push myself again like that. We had so much fun training together, doing most of our long runs on Saturday mornings. Along the way, we added Maggie (not a stroller mom but a friend and member of our running group) and Adam (also not a stroller mom–haha–and also a friend).

Left to right: Adam, Kim, me, Danielle, Maggie and Katie. Not pictured: Ellen, who got sick and wasn’t able to run.

We didn’t set any pace or time goals (technically Maggie did, and she ran ahead and won her age group!) and simply enjoyed running together.

The course is incredible–a gentle downhill most of the way, through charming Lewiston and along the water–and the weather was perfect! It was a point-to-point, which meant we started in one place and finished in another. Generally speaking, we all had a great race and finished in less than two hour. It’s amazing how well you can run NOT pushing a stroller!

We all agreed we’d do this race again!

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