Maelle is THREE

Less than a week after our July 3rd party, we hosted an even bigger bash for our girl’s third birthday! We were—finally—blessed with sun this year, as her first and second birthday parties were all but rained out! Also, I don’t recommend having TWO large parties in ONE week.

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mr. nye’s birthday, and other happenings

This post was originally supposed to just be about Mr. Nye’s birthday get-together (which was Sunday afternoon), but so much has happened since then!  Note: This post is in no way chronological.

(Edited to add:  Yet again, I’ve delayed a day…  It’s now Saturday morning and mom arrived last night to visit.  We already made a Bed, Bath and Beyond run for a couple small items–blast!  Andrew took my coupons in the Pilot on his trip to Ohio this weekend–and are planning lots of house-y things today.  We’ve already reorganized my small kitchen appliances and it’s not even 10 a.m.)

And speaking of the Nye’s…  I took Hadrian on his first walk in the village yesterday–I can’t believe it’s taken almost a week–to their house to stop by their yard sale.  I walked away with a well-loved cookbook of  Mrs. Nye’s in which she marked some muffin recipes.  Those are always the best kind to have–the marked-up and splattered ones.

Getting him in the shot was surprisingly difficult…


…and this is what you see when you round the park (which is across the street) on your way to the Nyes’ house.

What a beautiful view!  I started off in a sweatshirt (can you believe you can wear sweats and pants here in summer?!  I LOVE IT.)

In other news, we put our bed together.  (I use “we” loosely here; I mostly watched.)  And in true pet-fashion, Hadrian had to be in the middle of everything.  We had to force him out of the bed so Andrew could finish putting the slats in!

Check out this pint glass.  I LOVE pint glasses with fun logos and things, except that I need to curb my habit of ‘collecting’ things I love; my mug, glass, scarf and Le Creuset collections are getting dangerously large…

Anyway, I bought two of these at Hallmark (I much rather would have liked to have found them at some neat store or Goodwill or something, but oh well, Hallmark does have cute stuff) LAST SUMMER almost as soon as we moved into the hotel.  I couldn’t bear to break them out until we were in our “forever home,” so they’ve been living in a paper bag shoved in a bin ever since.

I busted them out the other night as we ate leftover pizza and celebrated getting both the extra fridge and freezer into the basement.  (There I go again with this “we” business; I had no part in that victory.  Andrew, his dad, and a couple other engineer friends from Moog graciously helped move our appliances this past week.)  And a victory it was!  They had to take the doors off both of them, plus the basement door AND doorframe, and even get a special tool.  But I’m happy with them in the basement, which is all that matters 🙂

Now, onto the party!!

We’ve been ‘adopted’ by the Nyes, especially since Alex had to go and move to Pittsburgh, just as we moved back to EA.  We find ourselves over there once every week or two–invited or not–and Mrs. Nye force-feeds us homemade cookies and Kone King ice cream she keeps stocked in the freezer.  We have it rough, I know.

So, when we heard Alex would be in town for his dad’s birthday and that his little get-together would be Sunday afternoon–as in, the Sunday we were in the middle of moving–there was no question we’d be taking a break to attend.  These celebrations are always ‘intimate’ affairs–late lunches in which family (immediate, cousins and grandma) and Andrew and I–crowd into the eat-in kitchen.  This time we feasted on steak, pork, potatoes, green beans, rolls and fruit.

I know posting this picture of Andrew is dangerous–what with the Nye boys being loyal readers and all–but I had to.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up on a blanket!

We sang and Mr. Nye blew out his candles before we enjoyed some of the best chocolate cake (or should I say best icing) I’ve had in awhile.  Mrs. Nye, I’m (almost) ashamed to admit that I single-handedly ate all the leftover cake you sent home with us…in one sitting.  Do you have more?  I might need some soon.

And the event wouldn’t be complete without one of Adam’s ‘Andrew creations.’  This time, Andrew’s blanket presided over us, hanging from an upper window, akin to a poster of Kim Jong Ill or something.


You just never know what you’re gonna get with Adam.  You just never know.

i feel smart, and other things of note

So… Today in Chemistry, we tackled this equation:

E = mc^2

Like, as in the one Einstein came up with all that time ago.  It has to do with energy, mass of nucleons (neutrons and protons) and the speed of light.

Can I just say that five years ago, I would NEVER have guessed I’d be where I am right now?  In so many ways…

In other news…

1. Andrew comes home this afternoon!  I feel all giddy inside… I guess absence DOES make the heart grow fonder 🙂

(Psst!  I’m making bagels as a surprise for his return… Since he doesn’t have a smart phone, there is no way he can see this before he actually arrives home, so I thought I’d share–in a whisper voice–to add to the suspense.)

2.  I have confirmed that I am OFFICIALLY finished with Microbiology, with A’s in both lecture and lab.  Thus, I’ll be making bagels this afternoon when I would have normally been in lab.

3.  It’s my birthday month!  WOO-HOO!  Birthday list is being made and tweaked as I speak…  (That’s how Andrew’s family does it; they practically DEMAND a list two months in advance, and hound you if you don’t provide one soon enough.  I. LOVE. IT.)

On the list this year: a pair of Crocs, better, non-warping baking sheets and other miscellaneous clothing items.  (If you’re reading this and need “the list,” Andrew can provide it to you :))

4.  Emily’s birthday is the same day as mine.  God really knew what he was doing when he arranged our chance meet-up at a friend-of-a-friend’s bbq, in which Emily and her hubby were attending as friends-of-a-mother…

5.  Pineapple boxers!

Andrew and I found these at Gap a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t even a discussion; I held onto those things for dear life.  I mean, how could we NOT buy them?  They have been washed and are currently in my jammie drawer, waiting for warm weather.

6.  Andrew ate a 30-ounce steak last night at his final dinner in Texas, at some super-snazzy restaurant, I’m sure.  Thirty ounces.  THIRTY.  People, 16 ounces is a POUND.  He’s already requested salads for the forseeable future…

7.  While I’m super excited for Andrew to come home, I don’t know that I’m ready to give up the clean, quiet, organized and peaceful house/routine I’ve enjoyed for the past week…

8.  Here’s a good one:  To those who continue to ask about whether or not we’ve found a house:  Yes, we’re still house-hunting.  We will continue to house-hunt until we find one.  New houses are coming up on the market now that it’s spring, but it’s been a little slow.  (No, I’m not upset, but I’ll admit that the question, “So, are you still house-hunting?” gets old.  We’re in a tiny rental with gross carpet, no yard and no dishwasher–OF COURSE WE’RE STILL HOUSE-HUNTING.)

9.  Speaking of houses, we’re seeing a fixer-upper tomorrow night, and one popped up just today that piqued my interest. A LOT.  Prayers please!!

10.  Cinco de Mayo is this weekend 🙂  Margaritas, anyone?