Independence Day Fun

Around here, we celebrate the 4th on the 3rd.  (It’s a little strange, I know, but it’s a total win-win since you get to party one day and then RELAX–or house-project or whatever–on the actual holiday since you’re not working anyway.)  And our little village does it right, complete with parade and top-notch fireworks, so July 3rd truly feels like a holiday here.  (So much so, that when I went to pay our village taxes that morning, the office was closed.  On a Monday. That’s NOT really a holiday.)

We had our annual party, this time actually using our new deck and patio (furniture hasn’t arrived yet), and I took NO pictures.  Actually, I took one picture:

I’ve always wanted to make a flag cake, so I finally did.  I cheated and used Funfetti and Cool Whip since I was short on time, but maybe next year I’ll have my act together enough to make Ina’s.

Our party was great, with family and friends in attendance, and we even enjoyed a bonfire in the backyard before moving our chairs to the front to see the fireworks.

This morning–the actual 4th–I got together with some of my running friends for an Independence Day ‘fun run.’ We showed up in our red, white and blue and even took turns carrying a flag!

Pre-run photo taken by an obliging village resident:

One of our runners mapped out a special route:

Post-run (pre-coffee on the co-op patio) photo:

Happy 4th, all!