a super fun July 3/4

We’re really becoming pros at backyard hosting, especially with the recent addition of a ‘grill station’ and an additional kid table, complete with its own umbrella!

Our little village goes all-out for the July 4th holiday…only we do it all on the 3rd. Bonus points for having an extra relaxed holiday after all the festivities are over!

This year, the foam party in the park was back and Maelle was old enough to indulge. The local fire department creates a ‘pool’ of foam for the kids, and this year we skipped the line and simply enjoyed some overflow bubbles!

Later that evening, a few friends and family came over for a barbecue before the fireworks. You can see the new table (taller than the couch, where Andrew is standing), which has already improved the patio. Not only does it serve as a place to store items pre- and post-grill, but it’s also a landing spot for snack plates and drinks while people are chatting with the grill master. Andrew had been eyeing it for the last couple years, and I’m glad he finally pulled the trigger.

The only remaining project before the patio is complete is the pergola. We’re having a contractor finish it with a full roof, to give us more shade from the sun. So, technically it will be a ‘ramada’ and not a pergola, but you know what I mean. While I wish it had been finished for all these years, I think we’ll be happier with it as a roof instead of slats. After that is finished, those umbrellas will live in other spots on the patio and deck.

Once the sun went down, we moved our chairs to the front yard to watch the fireworks. Maelle sat with her little besties and they all did really well with the lights and noise.

Don’t miss Maelle holding hands with her sweet friend, Ila!

The following morning, I joined my running group–not just the stroller mamas–for our annual July 4th holiday run. One of our members enjoys mapping out unique routes that spell different words or make fun pictures, and this year’s word was ‘free.’ It wasn’t a long run–perfect after a busy day and late night with friends!

Happy Independence Day!

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