we’re halfway there!

Livin’ on a prayer.

I say we’re ‘halfway there’ about our summer project, because we still have the pergola and fence to finish next summer, but we’ve finished the bulk of the work with the deck and patio.  (I suppose it’s more accurate to say we’re 2/3 of the way finished, since this was the second summer of what will be a three-summer project.)  Good gracious.

After our trip to France this year, Andrew finished the deck by building the stairs and installing gorgeous lights on each step and on the patio walls.  Then, we got to work on the patio.  But first, how’s this for a before and after?!


AFTER (approx. Aug 2016, finished deck and patio started):

Close-up of deck:

(Brazilian Teak wood for stairs, floor and railings from Advantage Lumber, white Trex post sleeves over pressure-treated lumber, cedar slats we painted white for the skirting around the deck)

AFTER (12/1/16: finished deck and patio):

(Patio is Richcliff Stones in a mix of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist from Unilock in Buffalo)

Progress shots:

Planting the raised bed with hydrangea and hostas:

Area for patio covered in landscaping fabric:

Gravel delivered:

After spreading and leveling the gravel, Andrew did the same with a layer of sand, and then began putting the pavers down for the patio!  We got a great deal on some really high quality stones that someone returned, so we ended up with a mix of grey and brownish stones.  Andrew chose a black border to go around the outside of the patio and where the pergola stands.

We were blessed with some beautiful weather (and a free weekend thanks to a change in travel plans), so Andrew and I teamed up to spread the special polymer-sand that forms the grout between the stones.  It’s a spread-sweep-rinse process that took two afternoons.

Finally!  A quick shot after hosing down the last area of grout on the patio.

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