Ideas for a Summer Meal

Just because the village isn’t doing its beloved fireworks this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Independence Day with our family and friends on a smaller scale. 

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Memorial Day with littles

We hadn’t planned to do anything special for Memorial Day this year, but when the weather report looked good and with our patio open for business, we went for it. We invited just a few families, all with young kiddos, and kept it casual. Everyone brought something to share, we grilled and the kids had a blast in the backyard.

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one night in East Aurora

We had the first of what may become weekly “family dinners” last night at Andrew’s parents’ house.

Look!  We match!  Well, sort of.  The blues aren’t the same, but bonus points for the shoes.

This is Abigail and Carolyn’s natural state: posing for photos.  Seriously, you get a camera out and they strike a pose and smile.  Usually together.

We had steaks, corn on the cob (I cut mine off–it gets stuck in my teeth!  Not just one, like ALL OF THEM.  I used to get in trouble as a kid for cutting my corn off the cob, because then my little brothers wanted to copy me and it was a big mess.  But now I’m an adult and I don’t care what anyone thinks.  I like my corn on the cob OFF the cob!), Hawaiian sweet rolls and watermelon.

Anyway, after dinner we all went outside to the front yard.  Andrew and his dad played catch with their old mitts.

It was also a great way to get Hadrian some exercise; he ran back and forth trying to get the baseball.  He’s not the brightest of dogs, let me tell you.

Our cats can’t go outside because they don’t have claws.  They can go on the deck because there isn’t a way to get down.  So, Odie mopes at the front screen wishing he could get out, too.  He’s pretty pitiful.

Do you remember that game with the velcro hand “mitts” and the ball that stuck to them?  Carolyn found a dust-covered set in the garage from forever ago, so she and I and Abigail played with those for awhile, too.  Wish we’d gotten a photo of that.

After games we all piled into two cars and drive to get ice cream.  Hi Carolyn and Ben!

We went to the “caboose” for our treats.  They serve Perry’s ice cream and I ended up getting a cup of chocolate peanut butter swirl.  YUM.

After ice cream we went on a little walk.