puttin’ up a fence

We did.  Or at least part of one.  Yet again, we returned from an extended overseas trip, began a giant project just after July 4th, and barely finished before the weather turned.  I think this has happened every summer for the past three years. 

Instead of paying someone to just build us a d**n fence, (who would DO such a thing?!), we proceeded to spend more than a month priming and painting cedar boards, which Andrew put up in short order.

Sadly, I was either too busy or lazy (or perhaps a combination of both) to take any ‘middle’ photos.  Below, the finished product (or just about):

The fence, as you can see, does not yet extend to the end of the yard.  We are still debating what style fence to continue along the side and back of the yard.  We inherited a yard with three different fences, and I’d personally like to continue with the current design we have going.  I like the white, I like the height and I want to eradicate both deer and weeds (or at least try to!) from my yard.  I envision a beautiful fence with landscaping along the entire length.  Andrew, on the other hand, doesn’t want to visually block off the rest of the side or back of the yard.  While I understand his point and also enjoy seeing the greenery beyond our back fence, I don’t think I’ll like multiple styles of fence.  Also, I’ve been dreaming of this fence for the last five years and having to compromise so much on its design is really upsetting.

We’ll see what next year brings, I suppose.  For now, it’s been delightful to sit out on the furniture or have a fire on our coming-quite-along patio.

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