my hair is having a moment

Actually, a lot of moments.  Like, since this Spring, at least.  I cannot even stress enough how much of a moment my hair is having right now. 

For most of my life, I’ve worn my hair short, anywhere from a pixie cut to a bob.  Any time I tried to grow it out, it just looked flat and stringy.  At some point earlier this year, I must have noticed that my hair still looked alright–if not good–and continued to let it grow.  Along the way, I’ve determined what *I think* is the force behind my improved locks.

But first, let’s revisit some gems from my childhood.

The triangle perm in third grade:


The relaxed perm with bangs in eighth grade:


An (likely) grown-out bob and blonde highlights circa 2006:

Holly and Andrew '06

A long pixie sometime prior to 2010:


The flat, stringy look circa 2012 when I went back to school to be an RD:


And perhaps my best look, and angled bob:

So, as you can see, I’ve had a variety of styles over the years.  I’m convinced I look best with some sort of an angled bob with a mix of highlights and low-lights, but I’m letting my hair have it’s time in the spotlight right now.

And now, to the point of this post: the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve found yet.  First, I want to say that this post is in no way a ‘copycat’ of Kath’s post, where I first found out about the products.  I’ve followed Kath off-and-on for years, and sometime this summer–just as I added ‘new shampoo and conditioner’ to my grocery list–I stumbled across her post on Pura d’Or.

I was impressed with her results, and since my hair was beginning to get long, I decided to give it a try.  (Her coupon code didn’t hurt, either!) Not that the prices are unreasonable; I’ve paid upwards of $50 or $60 for a liter of high-end conditioner, and since my hair is pretty fine, my products tend to last longer than average.

Pura d’Or offers a variety of hair and skin products, which you buy at 2 Minute Club. I received my first shipment in July, broke into them sometime in August, and I’m still using them at the end of August.

When I ordered online, I only had two choices for shipment frequency: one or two months.  I knew I wouldn’t need new bottles every two months, and before I knew it, my second shipment was in the mail.  Thankfully, 2 Minute Club’s customer service was wonderful and pushed out my next (third) delivery until at least January.  Per their customer service gal, they are working on setting up an email reminder service before deliveries are sent out.

Kath talks about noticing new hair growth, and I think I’ve seen some too!  I think my hair is stronger and definitely a little thicker.  Here are two quick shots of how long it is right now:

While I LOVE my Pura d’Or shampoo and conditioner, and intend to continue using them, I have another theory as to why my hair has been looking especially good lately: supplements.

I’ve been taking various supplements for some time now–fish oil for omega-3s, glucosamine for my knees, a multivitamin–but in the last 6 or so months, I’ve added in extra trace minerals, which must really be helping!  I’ve also noticed my nails are longer and stronger than they’ve ever been in my life.  Go figure. I’m hooked.

And here, because it was SO DIFFICULT to get the right angle on these photos, and because my hair really IS having a moment, are some gratuitous shots of my hair:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any way. Pura d’Or does not know who I am (except for the chick who took my phone call to schedule my shipment).


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