Hair Challenge: One Year!









I made it a full year–actually 13 months–and have been meaning to get a post up about it for the last, oh, four weeks or so.

Here’s me and my bob, back in the hotel we lived in last summer:


You’ve seen countless photos along the way, including this January progress report, and below is a shot of perhaps my favorite longer-hair style, the pigtail braids:

Here I am today, all dressed up for a presentation I gave in class:




And then, later this afternoon, this happened:


Yup, I chopped it.  In all honesty, I’ve been missing my shorter style and realizing (just as I do EVERY time I attempt to grow it out), that all I end up doing with my hair is pull it back into a ponytail.  And I can’t stop twirling it–especially with all the stress I’m experiencing–and I couldn’t take the breakage anymore.

Combine all that with a DESPERATE need for a trim (my last was in July!), and you get one tangled mess each morning in the shower.  So, I called the salon for their first available, which happened to be this afternoon.  On my way over, I googled “Julia Stiles Haircuts” and showed this to my stylist, Karen.  I don’t know what it is, but that girl–Julia, not Karen–and I can rock the same bob like no ones’ business.  Works every time.

And, viola!  New style:


Man, it’s good to be back 🙂

a (giant) list

WHEW!  What a day…

1.  Tried to have a relaxing morning.  Sort-of did.  Until it turned into a whirlwind day of studying while on the elliptical, rushing out the door to breakfast with Andrew, a 2+ hour hair appt then running an errand with Mom Layer.  At least I slept-in this morning until 7.

2.  Didn’t breakfast look yummy?  It so was.  And filling!  Holy cow!  I’m STILL full and we ate 5.5 hours ago–that’s got to be a record for me.  I’ll probably have something uber-healthy before my night class tonight so my tummy doesn’t start grumbling.  (And I totally blogged on my iPhone from the salon–how cool is that?!?!)


It’s not too drastic; Megan chose one shade darker for a base color, then even darker low-lights and added in some highlights, too.  If I’m really going to try to grow my hair out, I NEEDED a change, and a trim, badly.  Two hours and a small fortune later, I love my hair and think it feels so much healthier.  While there, I invested (pun intended) in color-treated hair shampoo and conditioner, a purifying conditioner for days I swim, and that volumizing root spray/mousse she used.  I figure if I’m going to pay this much for professionally colored hair, I might as well take care of it.  And I just told Andrew that if he wants me to grow it long, he’s going to pay the price 😉  He’s a good sport; he said I’ve never really given growing it out a fair shot, and if this is what it takes, so be it.  The man must really like long hair!

4.  Speaking of my man–he’s amazing.  (And I’m not just saying that to butter him up about the price tag of my new look!)  Not only did he surprise me with Sweetest Day candy and a super thoughtful card; he surprised me AGAIN last night with flowers and another card, this time to let him know how much he missed me after his 85-hour workweek and business trip this past week.  Awww.

5.  Reason number 9,673,268 that Andrew is awesome:  souvenirs from his business trip!

He went to Orrville, OH and it is the home of the J.M. Smucker’s store!  He called me and let me request some goodies: cherry and blueberry ‘simply fruit’ jams, cider apple butter, honey-flavored natural peanut butter and a gadget for stirring the separated peanut butter before refrigerating.  (Surprisingly enough, I’d seen it in a magazine forever ago and have been on the lookout ever since!  It’s no easy to task to get natural peanut butter mixed up really well without creating a huge mess…)  Thankfully, Andrew goes to Orrville somewhat regularly, so I’ll always be able to get more of the flavors the regular grocery stores don’t carry!  BTW:  Real Simple did a natural peanut-butter taste-test awhile ago and Smucker’s won for chunky and got #2 for creamy.  I’ve been buying it for awhile now, mostly because it’s widely available and reasonably priced.  I LOVE peanut butter!

6.  Who is this man I married?  He’s been showering me with gifts 🙂  He must know me pretty well!

7.  I’m teaching a Food for Thought class Monday evening.  Or I MIGHT be, if enough people sign up.  So, if you’re local, SIGN UP!  I’ll be instructing on how to choose wisely at the grocery store and ‘smart switches’ you can make to eat healthier.  The classes are sponsored by the EA Co-op and you can sign up at the Aurora Rec Center website.

8.  Don’t forget about the Co-op’s Pizza Party and Membership drive Saturday night!  If you’re interested in joining, or are a member and know someone who is, come on out!  It’ll be a great chance to try Elm Street’s brick-oven pizza and support OUR co-op!

9.  I’m running the Niagara Falls International Half-Marathon Sunday morning–so excited!  The weather looks good for Sunday and the race doesn’t start until 10 a.m. (good for not having to get up at the crack of dawn, but I’m not used to running that late).  If you’re local and up for spending some time in the fresh air across the border, I’d love to have a cheering section!  Note to self: do not forget passport!

10.  Abigail is coming home this weekend–can’t wait!!