Hair Challenge: One Year!









I made it a full year–actually 13 months–and have been meaning to get a post up about it for the last, oh, four weeks or so.

Here’s me and my bob, back in the hotel we lived in last summer:


You’ve seen countless photos along the way, including this January progress report, and below is a shot of perhaps my favorite longer-hair style, the pigtail braids:

Here I am today, all dressed up for a presentation I gave in class:




And then, later this afternoon, this happened:


Yup, I chopped it.  In all honesty, I’ve been missing my shorter style and realizing (just as I do EVERY time I attempt to grow it out), that all I end up doing with my hair is pull it back into a ponytail.  And I can’t stop twirling it–especially with all the stress I’m experiencing–and I couldn’t take the breakage anymore.

Combine all that with a DESPERATE need for a trim (my last was in July!), and you get one tangled mess each morning in the shower.  So, I called the salon for their first available, which happened to be this afternoon.  On my way over, I googled “Julia Stiles Haircuts” and showed this to my stylist, Karen.  I don’t know what it is, but that girl–Julia, not Karen–and I can rock the same bob like no ones’ business.  Works every time.

And, viola!  New style:


Man, it’s good to be back 🙂

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