Holly runs on Dunkin’

Yes she does.


My friend Stephanie–classmate, running and study partner–and I met up at our usual hangout this afternoon for the first study session of the semester. What you see is my super-smart lunch…or not. What this post should REALLY say is, “Holly runs on Dunkin’… Until she doesn’t.” An hour and a half later, I was in a sugar coma and craving vegetables in a bad way. I’m not normally a Subway fan, but at 3:30 and facing a Target run, I needed something.

But, I digress. Poor snack choices aside, it felt good to be back in the study groove, in our booth, at our Dunkin’.

third time’s a donut

I’m at this particular West Seneca Dunkin’ Donuts for the third time in five days. For real. (Study dates.)

This morning, I’m solo and killing time before my chiropractor appointment across the street. DD’s blueberry donuts are my weakness, yet I rarely allow myself to get them. Their sweet, blueberry goodness and purple inside remind me of childhood–visiting Bamma and Top in DC on weekends when we still lived in Pennsylvania.


Well, after a hard swim workout, I figured now was as good a time as ever to splurge on one of my favorite treats. I packed a Greek yogurt with berries and added a medium BLUEBERRY coffee. (It seriously tastes like blueberry.)

Now, onto studying glycolysis for my biochem test tomorrow! (Which is really a review, since our first test in advanced nutrition this semester covered this very topic, which is the breakdown of glucose–carbohydrate we eat, essentially–in our bodies.)


It’s been a long day.

Heck, it’s been a long week! And it’s only Wednesday…


I redeemed my free drink card today and the girls behind the counter made me get a large. (They know me.)

I’m trying the gingerbread latte, in hopes it will boost my mood and energy level. Here’s to 3 hours of management and chemistry work before lab…