It’s been a long day.

Heck, it’s been a long week! And it’s only Wednesday…


I redeemed my free drink card today and the girls behind the counter made me get a large. (They know me.)

I’m trying the gingerbread latte, in hopes it will boost my mood and energy level. Here’s to 3 hours of management and chemistry work before lab…

where you’ll find me on Wednesdays

On campus, in the Starbucks cafe in the bookstore:

I have a three-hour break and since it’s not really worth going all the way home and back, I grab a computer here and get a bunch of work done.
Sadly, they don’t take Starbucks cards, but (shameless plug here) they do take Barnes and Noble gift cards! I’m gonna need a coffee fund…
Chem lab doesn’t even start until 6 p.m….