splish splash

Our pool opened a bit late this year, just after July 4th.  We were so excited to take Maelle and introduce her to the water!  She loves bath time, so we hoped that would translate to the pool.

We stuck to the baby pool on our first visit, and she enjoyed making splashes with her hands and looked longingly at the kids having fun in the big pool.

We’ve been to the pool a few times so far and Maelle really enjoys the water.  I think she likes watching the other kids the most. I’m so glad I got her those water shoes!  They were a total impulse buy at my favorite kids’ consignment store, but between our backyard water table and the pool, she’s almost worn them out!

Every time we go to the pool we work on blowing bubbles, kicking our feet and some assisted floating.  Here’s hoping I have a daughter who loves to swim as much as I do!



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