front-yard fourth

Our town really knows how to celebrate the 4th of July…except that we do it on the 3rd. It’s perfect, really, because you get to party and then actually RELAX and enjoy the holiday.  We live directly across from the park, so we have a front-row seat for the parade and fireworks display.

This year, unfortunately, there were no fireworks, no foam parties, no pie sales and no parade.  Our town was eerily quiet on the third.  

However, we celebrated with a ‘front-yard fourth’ (as our newspaper called it), complete with decorations and water activities for the kids.  We shared our afternoon with one family and enjoyed seeing some neighbors ‘front-yard fourthing’ as well. 

Our new patio umbrellas and bases arrived just in time, so we set up a cozy spot on the driveway for the water table, chairs and the grill.  I had ordered red cloth table covers for Maelle’s upcoming birthday party, so I grabbed those to do double-duty on our folding tables. We may not have been celebrating the 4th the way we normally do, but I was going to have my decorations out!

It was fun to set everything up in the front and be able to wave hello to those walking and biking by.  

Hopefully next year we’ll be able to have our usual party and sit on the driveway to watch the fireworks!

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