a list

…because, yet again, it’s that kind of week.

1.  I should be studying Micro or starting my Chem homework, but my brain is going a million miles a minute.  And it’s only 5:31 a.m.

2. The trouble is, those things (see above) take TIME.  Like, more than an hour.  If I don’t have more than an hour, I feel like I can’t start them.  So I do other things, like blog.  Hey, they all gotta get done!

3.  I have my first swim practice today.  Did I tell you I joined the Master’s team at the Y?  I can’t remember…  It’s been making me anxious.  The old Holly would be sweating bullets by now, worried to death she wouldn’t be able to hack it.  The new and improved, best-shape-of-her-life, more mature and self-confident Holly is only the slightest bit anxious (hey, I’m still me) but realizes it might be a rude awakening in the pool, and maybe it won’t be.  Either way, I’ll get through.

4.  I have a Micro test tomorrow morning.  I am not prepared.  The teacher is kind enough to allow us to take it with any of her sections throughout the day, the last being at 5 p.m.  Seeing as I have her lab directly before the 5 p.m. lecture, (my real section is 10 a.m.), I just might take her up on it.  I hate doing that, but I just might need the extra study time.

5.  I have my second Chem quiz this weekend.

6.  We’re going out of town this week–as in, leaving Thursday night.  We’re going to Gore, which is in the Adirondacks, for skiing.  Well, I don’t think I’ll be skiing.  I just want to get away with my school books and magazines and not be on a schedule and just ready and study and bake.  Repeat.

7.  Did I mention we’ll be in a cabin with a bunch of other people with no internet and that I have a Chem quiz to do ONLINE?  Just a little stressed about this…

8.  My next chapter of Chem homework is due Friday, but since I’m leaving Thursday (see #6 above), I have to finish it before.  I haven’t started yet.  Did I mention the last homework took something in the ballpark of 6+ hours?

9.  I’ve been fighting a cold now for a week and a half.  Go away already!  My poor, red nose can’t take any more!

10.  In an email recently to a friend I confessed that if I didn’t love school (and the thought of being an RD) THIS MUCH, I would quit in a heartbeat because the schedule (with only 12.5 credits and a 10-minute commute!) right now is insane.  This must be what having children is like…

Say an extra prayer for me this week!

3 thoughts on “a list

  1. My sweet Holly I will lift this list to the Lord who is the great peacemaker and finisher of ALL lists! With God ALL things are possible….I love you and remember..baby steps( one step at a time ). Enjoy each day He gives you to GLORIFY HIM ! XOXO

  2. If you’ve never been to the Aridondacks – you’ll love it, it’s beautiful! I went to college just north of Gore in Plattsburgh. Met my hubby when he was stationed at the Air Force Base there…it’s great country!! Enjoy your trip, even with all of the other stuff you have going on! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait! I’m not even skiing… I just want a quiet house on Friday (almost) all to myself. I’m even fantasizing about doing some Chem studying WHEN I ACTUALLY HAVE TIME…

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