…almost there!

ONE Chemistry homework problem stands between me and FREEDOM.  That, and a swim practice, Chem tutoring, statistics class, packing the car and dropping the dog off, but those are peanuts compared to Chem.  PEANUTS.

Case-in-point:  I spent TWO HOURS on ONE problem at the Chem tutoring lab yesterday.  TWO HOURS.

I got through the Micro test alright–got an 86%–which isn’t bad, but I’m not happy with it.  I really thought I knew the material better.  This test was all about different antibiotics and disinfectants and how they work.  Of course, two of the three questions I missed on the last test the teacher admitted were “a bit tricky,” so it’s all in her wording.  Nice to know I understand the material, but I really would have liked a higher grade.  Oh well, I’ll take it.

Probably won’t be able to blog this weekend…  I’m already fantasizing about Friday after everyone leaves to ski and I get the house (almost–I know of at least one other non-skier) all to myself to read magazines and study Chemistry.  I wonder what it’s like to do those things when I actually have TIME.

Oh, and if you haven’t been to the East Aurora Co-op’s blog for awhile, I’ve posted a bunch of new stuff!  I was particularly proud of my Flu-Fighter post–be sure to read it!


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