impromptu list

I had intended to write and publish the post about our trip to the Adirondacks tonight, since, you know, it’s Tuesday and the trip was this past weekend.

Well, I’m making the executive decision to go get ready for bed since it’s 10 p.m. and I. NEED. REST.

Adirondacks post coming tomorrow.  In the meantime, highlights of the past few days:

1.  After much anxiety and stress (and prep!), I scored a 92 on my Chemistry quiz.  Hallelujah!

2.  Spring Break is exactly two days and 50 minutes away…but who’s counting?

3.  I have not one, not two, but THREE articles on the docket for the paper…  Hello more fun money 🙂

4.  I’ve been asking for a GREEN Penn State sweatshirt for a little while now (ever since I saw Abigail’s in pink).  She’s home on her spring break and brought one in GREEN back for me.  So excited.

5.  I roasted beets tonight.  (And other veggies.)  I’ll let you know how they turned out when I actually eat them, perhaps tomorrow.

6.  Swim practice was intense this morning.  How do I know?  (Other than the obvious huffing and puffing and gasping for air while swimming…) I was STARVING this afternoon.  Yup, swimming will do that to you.

7.  My little brother, Aaron, will be 17 tomorrow. SEVENTEEN.  Where did the time go?

8.  I’m going to accompany Andrew and his friend Bart to the gym tomorrow evening to get some new ideas to revamp my lifting routine.  Should be interesting…

9.  Did I mention spring break was coming up?

10.  Wrote another blog for the co-op today about salads.  Check it out!


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